Therapy Supervision


Let me be clear.

 If you’re a therapist looking for someone with whom to work, purely to tick a box for accreditation purposes, I’m not your woman.

 The therapists I supervise not only have a passion for their work; they are also dedicated to developing themselves to be among the best in the profession. Because they realise that, to an extent, they are the work.

 They want to grow and develop in and through their work.

 And they want to bring love and service to their practice.

 Yes, it’s good to have done basic training and to have a toolbox of theories and techniques. But the real value of any of that comes from your ability to listen deeply, attune yourself to your clients, and attend to their needs as people. And you want to hone these skills.

That’s where good professional supervision comes into its own.

 Of course, good supervision has a guiding and holding role. But it’s more than that.

 Supervision helps you understand your clients better, so that you can work with them in an even more enabling way.

 It helps you become more aware of your own reactions and responses to things that happen in your therapeutic alliances. We talk, for example, about the patterns you notice in the work and what they mean for you in the context of the issues your clients seek to resolve.

 It supports you to untangle the dynamics of how you and your client may have been interacting, in order that you better understand it, and resource yourself to offer greater insight or sharper interventions.

As a supervisor, I am many things for you

 First off, I’m an accredited member of my profession and you should therefore expect me to uphold ethical standards on things like boundaries. Which is the primary part of my role in which you might at times expect me to be directive with you.

 I’m a coach. Meaning, a large part of my role is to support your own learning. Expect me to ask you lots of questions, to reflect to you my intuitions and observations of what you say, to bring to the discussion conceptual frameworks that might bring fresh perspective on your understanding.

 Beyond that, I’m a mentor. I’m someone who walks the same path as you, albeit perhaps a few years ahead. I’m very happy to give you my point of view on this or that. Which is not the same as telling you what to do. But to offer you food for thought as you traverse your own professional terrain.

 So, expect plenty challenge, support, enabling and growth.


 From working together, you’ll feel yourself becoming way more solid in yourself and in your therapeutic work. You’ll notice your own insightfulness and intuition sharpen.

 Your confidence will build. You’ll feel braver in the work. Bolder in making courageous, loving interventions.

 You’ll become more and more able to separate out what’s your’s from what’s theirs and deal with it accordingly.

 You’ll be more comfortable with your own felt response to clients and more able to process rather than react to it.

 Beyond anything, you’ll enjoy your work more as you feel yourself building a sense of competence and mastery.




I Work With Individuals and Couples, and I supervise the work of other Psychotherapists